Zepp Football, the sensor to improve its game

You are a football fan? With a strong will to improve your game? If your answer “Yes” twice, you are reading the right article. The running environment has many sensors to calculate your performance, your caloric expenses, progression … now, football has also its own sensor.

The Biggy Team presents you the new football tracker: Zepp Football, your particular training partner.

Zepp Football is a sensor that will measure your performance during your game.

  • The features :

Zepp Football Sensor is perfect to measure all aspects of your game on the field: distance traveled, maximum speed, sprints, kicks, kicks speed, goal conversion rate, playing time and preferred foot.

During the game, data are collected. Once the match is complete, they are presented through diagrams and statistics in percent, ideal for the player who can draw conclusions by himself: “I will try to kick the ball less powerful to improve the precision of my shoot”, etc.

Features of Zepp Football

Do you want to go even further? You can film the match and your performance and never miss the highlights of the game ever again. The appreciable point? You have real-time statistics that integrate with the video.

Video mode Zepp Football

  • To enjoy it …

You may have seen it on the thumbnail of the article, the sensor is placed at your calf to collect your game data.

Sock with Zepp Football

The installation is very simple:

  1. Place Zepp Football in the supplied sock (on the dominant foot)
  2. Connect it in Bluetooth to your smartphone via a dedicated application (Android and iOS)
  3. Consult the analyzed data for the third half

Zepp Football

  • We conclude? 

Zepp Football to improve your game

It is difficult to analyze your match just after its end, a little less while discussing it with your teammates the day after. Zepp Football appears as an interesting solution to have a direct feedback based on reliable data and to draw conclusions on the tops and flops of your game. This measurement tool is obviously not a substitute from the wise eye of a coach to improve your technique, movement and game intelligence. But it is a very good complement to test if you want to improve your game.

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Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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