Wakē, the sun of your awakening

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This is not the first time we have presented devices to improve your sleep quality.

Previously analyzed, trackers. SleepPeanut wakes you up at the best moment to be in top shape while Fitsleep accelerates your falling asleep with longer periods of deep sleep. And for BEDDI alarm clock, it automates your morning by starting the coffee, programming the right temperature …

Today, another product is being screened: Wakē.

Biggy Tech presents Wakē, a small device that will simulate the sunrise.

Wakē is located above your bed to wake you up like the sun.

Wakē smart design

  • Wakē smart lights

    Wakē simulates the sunrise

To wake you up smoothly, the device uses gentle sounds and soft lights. Being closed, the shutters plunge you into the darkness throughout your night, Wakē activates in the morning to follow up: the sun enters your room, every morning, at the desired time.

  • Wakē can wake up you before your partner

Thanks to its “Targeted Alarm Clock” feature, Wakē uses state-of-the-art technology to wake you up. Indeed, the device pivots towards the designated user to wake him up with soft sounds and a “sunlight”. Take advantage of a personalized alarm, different from your partner.

  • Wakē is discreet

Son design s’insère parfaitement dans l’environnement de votre chambre. Aucun fil à cacher, dissimuler, le tout est alimenté par une batterie (à recharger quelques fois par an). On l’oublierait presque au coucher mais il pense à nous au réveil. Pensez simplement à l’activer avec votre smartphone pour être réveillé.

  • How does Wakē work ?

4 key moments to be gently awakened:

  1. Wakē is on the wall behind your bed, it is connected in Bluetooth to your smartphone.
  2. It’s time to wake up, the body heat sensors integrated in Wakē will locate you to wake you up (together or person one after another).
  3. Wakē does not use normal but directional speakers to suit your needs.
  4. Wakē sends targeted beams of light and rings directly to your location.

Wakē 4 steps

New object to improve his sleep, Wakē differs from the other trackers of the sector proposing a more “sensory” approach. The gentle awakening with simulation of the sunrise is innovative. A beautiful innovation that deserves to be tried.

Paul Charbogne

Paul Charbogne

CTO | Biggy Tech

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