Vinci, the reinvented headphones

Every day, the same routine: the playlist “Wake-up” of my Apple Music account is launched to start the day by the best way.

To listen to it, I have 2 options:

– at home: I use a JBL Bluetooth speaker (model: Charge 2+)

– moving: I use a Jabra Bluetooth headset (model: Pace), also used for my workout.

I try to regularly update my hardware to take advantage of all the innovations of the sector. Enjoying music in the best ways is the reach of all. For me, I opt for great ergonomics (earphones / speakers reliable, easy to use with good battery) and great mobility (Bluetooth of course).

The Biggy Team has discovered an audio headphones hustling the codes, raising to a new standard of listening to its favorite music.

Biggy Tech introduces Vinci, the headset that releases all the sound power that is in your playlist!

Vinci is the connected headphone that compiles the best innovations into a single object!

  • The 5 features that make the difference:

– “Autonomous” wireless:

Listen to his music wireless gives a sense of freedom and comfort without equal.

Simply connect the Bluetooth headset to your phone to start streaming music. Vinci goes further. It can be totally independent: a storage of 16 or 32go allows you to store your music. You are more like Deezer or Spotify, the integrated internet connection allows you to listen to it without any problem, and without interactions with your smartphone.

– Active Noise Reduction:

Bose does it very well, Vinci also offers it. Concretely, as soon as it is activated, no (or almost) outside noise is noticeable when using the headphones. Practice during a flight, you can read or concentrate on a podcast or music without any disturbing noise.

– The control of the music with its voice:

Like Siri or the Google Assistant, the Vinci IA recognizes your voice commands, say “Vinci, play my playlist “Holidays” ” and the music is launched! Your voice also allows you to launch a GPS journey (voice indications guide you), to order an Uber and many other things.

– The integrated display on the headphones:

Double-tap to add the current song to favorites, drag horizontally to move to the next, vertically to change the volume of the sound. The time to find the button to access the desired function is over, simple and intuitive gestures are enough for Vinci.

– The microphone for voice commands:

The headset has a microphone. The difference? You call your contact with the voice without going through Siri or the Google Assistant of your smartphone. Everything happens in the headphones through the audio and with the headphones through the voice commands.

Les couleurs de Vinci

Designed for music lovers, suitable for joggers and ergonomic for travelers, Vinci is more than just a headphone, it facilitates the exchanges with your connected environment without making it more complex. When the flow of your daily life is guided by Music.

Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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