The 5 connected devices of the summer

Like you know summer has arrived. For this occasion we wanted to offer you a selection of 5 devices to travel the peacely, with a better comfort and more security … Without waiting, here are 5 connected devices to enjoy your summer!


To start the journey, you must take your suitcase with you.

Why won’t you take advantage of a compact suitcase optimized for the journey?

Here is G-RO, the connected case that does more than carry your business from point A to point B.

La Valise connectée

The 3 things to know …

… Wide wheels (to apprehend any area)

… Built-in batteries (to charge your smartphone, computer …)

… A tracker (to avoid losing your luggage at the airport)

More info on the official website:

Hidrate Spark 2.0

You are at the beach, it is hot and the sun strikes … Hydrating yourself regularly becomes then a priority.

How to enjoy a good beach volleyball game without thinking about drinking throughout the day?

Here is Hidrate Spark 2.0, the connected water bottle that advises you to take a sip of water when needed.

La Bouteille connectée

The 3 things to know …

… Drink according to your needs (the app calculates according to your weight, your age, …)

… Drink according to the place and the weather (the geolocation will further refine your needs)

… Drink according to your activity (if the bottle is connected to an activity bracelet or a sports app)

More info on the official website:

Netatmo June

Well hydrated, you now need to protect your skin from sunburn.

How to protect yourself from sunburn and prevent premature aging of your skin?

Here is Netatmo June, the connected bracelet decorated with a jewel that gives you advice according to the intensity of UV: should I put cream, wear a hat or a pair of glasses to protect me from the sun?

Le bracelet à UV

The 3 things to know …

… A different sensitivity (the application considers your type of skin, the application of the cream, …)

… Advice in the form of notification (eg “Think of applying sun protection 30”),

… Resistant to splashing but not waterproof (not totally adapted to bathing but to the readings sessions  at the edge of the water)

Narrative Clip

The holidays are going well, very well perhaps … the time has undoubtedly come to take some pictures to save some memories.

How to capture the best moments while enjoying them?

Here is Narrative Clip, the connected camera that takes pictures for you to relive past moments without forgetting to live the present moment.


The 3 things to know …

… A photo every 30 seconds (to create a “Timeline” of your life)

… A first sort (the device removes the missed shots, which is appreciable)

… Discretion (the small case can be clipped anywhere and can be forgotten).

More info on the official website:


The holidays rhyme with relaxation, sport … and reading.

How to enjoy a good book near the pool on a reading light without risking drowning?

Here is the KOBO AURA H20, the reader that resists splashing and immersion in water. Your book and your device will be preserved even after a minor accident.

La liseuse étanche

The 3 things to know …

… A large screen (17 cm diagonal against 15 usually)

… Close to paper (HD screen of 1080 by 1440)

… Waterproof if you think about everything (think of closing the cache where the ports of connections, otherwise the reader will not save your page)

More info on the official website:


This is the end of this selection …

Among the article, what is the connected device that could facilitate your travels?

Do you use an object that is absent from this article? Please let us know in the comments below.

Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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