Sphericam 2, the 360 ° camera that films in 4K!

Have you ever filmed a moment of your life?

We can all answer that with a YES, we have already, at least once, recorded a video with our smartphone, our sports camera … Whatever the means, we all like to remember a moment passed, preserved forever thanks to our electronic devices. Amateur or professional, we know more or less how to capture the right image at the right time, if possible with the right camera.

The Biggy Team has therefore sought out a solution allowing to capture any moment of life, anywhere, without having special skills in video.

Biggy Tech presents Sphericam 2, the video solution that films everything, everywhere and in ultra high definition.

Sphericam 2

Sphericam 2 is the connected camera that offers you the best: 4K resolution and 360 ° vision!

  • What does Sphericam 2 feature?

You love the trip? Well now, you will not miss any landscape with 360 ° vision: everything is captured, everywhere! In addition, you can place Sphericam 2 anywhere, accessories are available allowing the camera to shoot naturally, as if it was retracing what your eyes see in real time. An immersive way to share your memories. Amateur of Virtual Reality, Sphericam 2 is ready for you. The device can shoot immersive video shots with 6 GoPro’s gathered into one. You can shoot and share to your outlets at once, without spending hours on your video editing software.

  • How does it work?

Due to the impressive Sphericam 2 technology, the device is not complicated to use. The team behind this camera ensures simple use:

  1. Press to shoot.
  2. Press again to save.
  3. Share it!
  • What technologies are hidden behind?

2 major technologies: 4K and 360 ° vision.

  • The 4K is the digital image format that delivers a beautiful picture. Above this definition, our eyes can no longer distinguish the difference. Needless to say this image definition is of very good quality!
  • 360 ° viewing allows the image to be recorded in all directions, with no blind spot. There is no point in framing what we want to film, because the whole image is by definition in the frame.To enable these technologies to magnify your images, the camera has 6 image sensors, 6 lenses, 4 microphones and 6 SD card ports. To ensure you capture everything !

To enable these technologies to magnify your images, the camera has 6 image sensors, 6 lenses, 4 microphones and 6 SD card ports. There’s plenty to do!

In conclusion, Sphericam 2 appears to us as the best alternative to current cameras. At the forefront of technology (optimized for RV), this camera embodies all the video advances of recent years by integrating them into an object the size of a tennis ball. The video evolution goes forth !

Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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