QLIPP, reveal your full potential!

A lapel all in elegance like Roger or a blow all in power like Rafa, each tennis player has his model.

Everyone’s tastes, but one thing is for sure, we all want to improve our game: more endurance, straight shots and more accurate setbacks.

The Biggy Team thinks about improving your performance on the court, we have found a simple solution to reveal your full potential!

Biggy Tech introduces QLIPP, the sensor that enhances your tennis level.

QLIPP is your connected coach that analyzes your entire game.

  • What can QLIPP bring me?

QLIPP measures many parameters of your game: the zone of impact of the ball on your racket, the spin, the speed … With the application, you will have access to some feedbacks on your game. So, you will know how to improve your performance by looking at how you hit the ball.

  • How does QLIPP work?

QLIPP is placed on the screen of your racket. It is the lightest sensor on the market, so the weight of your racquet won’t change much. The sensor takes the measurements, the application makes its data explicit for you: “I can improve my way of doing my lifts” (for example).

The sensor works in this way:

  1. QLIPP measures your performance in real time
  2. After your session, the application gives you the result of your style of play
  3. You make the necessary adjustments: “I will have to hit the ball more in the center”, etc.

Le mode vidéo

  • The 5 modes of the application:
  1. The “Health Point”: you can know how many calories you burned after each session. You can set challenges and progress easily.
  2. “Game” mode: the mode that measures your style on the court in real time. Activate it to have a post-match return on your performance.
  3. “Video” mode: your session is filmed, but from a different angle, with additional indicators like the speed, the spin etc.
  4. “Service” mode: it analyzes aspects of your service. Watch the speed of your preparation, your shot and compare your service with those of professionals.

We are aware that not everyone can become Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal. However, we are convinced that QLIPP can give you satisfaction as a tennis player wishing to progress on his game (set and match!).

I order my copy

Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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