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Mother, and family grows

And if every object of our daily life could become intelligent?

What if we could take care of our wellness, our health and our security at the same time?

Our family and the people we live with are important to us. Everyone is different, with different but complementary needs and ways of living. From there, how can we help our loved ones simply to improve their daily lives?

Today, the Biggy Team presents Mother: a device to connect its objects to its life.

On a daily basis, Mother and its 4 Motion cookies offer infinite possibilities.

  • How does Mother work?


  1. Would you like to calculate this parameter? You choose the corresponding application.
  2. Mother collects and analyzes the data created by the Motion Cookies.
  3. Mother shows you the graphic results (via the SenseBoard*).
* The SenseBoard is the Mother dashboard where you have access to your results, the ability to add an application to meet a new need, your notifications and all your personal data (the collected data is secure. You belong exclusively.)
  • 5 possible uses among many others:


  1. Know who is right now at home – hanging a cookie on the key holders of family members
  2. Know who enters and leaves your house – by fixing a cookie on your door
  3. Control the temperature wherever you want – leaving a Cookie where you want it
  4. Manage your coffee in capsules – by attaching a cookie to your coffee machine
  5. Check if drugs are taken – by fixing a cookie on the medicine box

Obviously, the uses are not limited to these four examples: you can also be awakened at the best time, monitor the movements of an object, track your movements to check if you are active enough throughout the day, be alerted if the battery of your devices is low, if my child brushes enough teeth.

Mother et ses 4 Motion cookies

With its other products (ThermoPeanut, SleepPeanut, GuardPeanut), the company has a vision that we share: to give “Sense to Life”. The idea is not to connect our lives to electronic objects, but to enrich life itself. Mother is the gateway to a simpler daily, connected with the important things of Life.

I order my copy

Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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