LUMOS, the optimal bike helmet designed for maximum safety

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Nothing beats riding a bike but sometimes it doesn’t feel safe…

I have to admit, I’m a little bit cautious, I always tend to worry about my safety. Another thing about me is that I enjoy riding my bike, although sometimes I feel a little bit invisible while riding at night and I feel a bit unsafe riding with the traffic. But I want to get around quickly and believe the environmental effects of cycling are positively incredible. What I need is a way to remain safe, increasing my invisibility so I am able to ride my bike at any time with peace of mind.

To overcome this problem, the team at Biggy Tech has been researching new technologies based around increasing ones visibility while on the road.

The research has lead to Lumos: A smart helmet designed to increase visibility on the road…

Features of Lumoz

We understand that by increasing ones visibility on the road increases safety and peace of mind while riding your bike.  

  • What does Lumoz feature?

The Lumos helmet brings visibility and safety on the road, it’s as simple as that.

To achieve this, the helmet integrates:

  1. LED lights on the front
  2. LED lights on the rear for braking
  3. LED lights at the back for turns.


  • How does it work?

The Lumos helmet works with Bluetooth technology that connects the wireless control to the helmet and also to your phone through an app which is available for iPhone and Android users. The Lumos helmet plus the wireless controller are charged via USB.

  • What technologies are hidden behind?
  1. Firstly the LEDs at the front of the helmet are designed to illuminate so that the cyclist is able to see better than regular, portable bike lights. Because the LEDs are built into the helmet, there’s no chance of leaving your bike light at home or getting it stolen by thieving hands.
  2. Secondly, the red brake LEDs at the rear of the helmet illuminate when the cyclist administers the brakes, much like that of a car. This technology enables drivers to see when the cyclist is braking allowing them to know when to slow down behind the bicycle.
  3. Lastly, Lumos includes turning indicators on the rear of the helmet, which works with a wireless, unobtrusive control that lies on the handlebars. This will ensure drivers are able to see when a bike is turning in the dark when hand signals are not easily visible.


We can say that Lumos appears as the right helmet for a modern life, where nightlife has an increasingly important role. Day and night, you can ensure your safety and continue to ride by bike by being more visible and more secure. Dominate the road safely with the connected helmet bike Lumos.

Luke Carey

Luke Carey

Rédacteur web | Biggy Tech

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