The NBA jersey gets connected thanks to Nike!

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The NBA had long relations with its former partner Adidas. More than 10 years of partnership that stops for the new season 2017-2018.

The NBA will equip NBA teams with Nike at the beginning of the new season, at the end of October! For a $ 8 billion contract, the “comma” brand will have the right to put its logo on top of the jerseys.

With maximum visibility, a little revolution is announced: it will be a NBA “connected” jersey:

What is NikeConnect?

Nike’s connected technology.

Integrated on the bottom label of the NBA jersey, simply pass your smartphone (via the NikeConnect application) at the chip level to access content related to the team and the player. NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is used, the one that allows you to pay without contact with Apple Pay for example.

How does it work?

How does it work?How does it work?

The content obtained?

Always more.

Starting with the results of the games, you will also have access to highlights, video summaries, Spotify playlists, promotional offers (such as winning match squares) or NBA 2K18 boosts. Nike ensures that, the content is exclusive to the buyers of the jerseys.

Content from Nike Connect

A release date?

On 29 September.

Note this date in your calendar, the price will be between 110 and 200 dollars. “We don’t count when we love” will say some fans, the others will say “I love this game”.

Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

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