Jawbone in difficulties

The news has officially fallen: Jawbone is in judicial liquidation.

All the lights were green, Jawbone had raised 250 to 300 million dollars valuing it to a record level: $ 3.3 billion in 2014.

Pioneer of the connected bracelets, Jawbone displayed a good financial health and full of projects but it was not counting the competition in the connected objects more and more intense (Fitbit won a lawsuit last year for patent infringement).

Jawbone, it was bracelets…

The UP wristbands provided information to improve sleep and move more (especially with the Jawbone UP MOVE) to maintain or regain shape.

… and speakers

In addition to being Bluetooth, the JAMBOX speakers were customizable. It was enough to go to the “MyTalk” interface to change the “voice-over” of the speaker, for example. Bluetooth headsets were also sold.

The future is now for Jawbone.

Jawbone Health Hub. The company voluntarily closes the doors of the individual’s market of to focus on the “HEALTH” connected solutions for the professionals.

A change of course for Jawbone. The future will tell us if this new strategy will let Jawbone survive in a promising market of connected health.

Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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