GuardPeanut, the reinvented anti-theft alarm

It is unfortunate to mention, but thefts of personal objects are frequent.

The case certainly underestimated is the theft of our phone posed on a table at the terrace of a restaurant. 

Even our watch, our smartphone, our wallet or other personal property can be quickly stolen, it is a fact.

The Biggy Team presents an answer to these flights: GuardPeanut, the anti-theft that keeps an eye on all your business.

GuardPeanut is a smart button to place on any personal property!

  • 3 steps only to enjoy GuardPeanut:
  1. I place it on the personal object that I want to monitor.
  2. I press the button to activate the alarm.
  3. Surveillance begins!

Notification on SensePeanut

  • The principle :

Once GuardPeanut is activated on the object to be monitored, it reacts to the movement. If the object is stolen (thus moved from its place of origin), the alarm sounds and a notification is sent to the smartphone such as: “Motion detected at 8:53”.

  • Where to place GuardPeanut ?
  1. On all personal objects of values: wallet, suitcases, bike, laptop …
  2. To control the people who come to you (placed on the door, when the door opens, GuardPeanut detects it) … but also the cats (to place on the flap).

GuardPeanut is therefore versatile!

CES 2017

Voted “the most innovative product” of its kind by the CES *, GuardPeanut is finally the anti-theft with real added value: a 24-hour surveillance. We like it for its simplicity of use, its features and its price (29 € only).

Available on the Biggy Store.

I order my copy

* Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas, a major annual show of technological innovations.
Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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