Google Home is coming in France this summer!

It’s official, the voice assistant of Google is coming this summer!

It will be necessary to wait until August 3 to take advantage of this domestic assistant.

Ok Google, play my playlist “Summer”.

A simple oral query to Google and it runs. Want to launch your playlist created on Spotify? Tell to your new assistant.

Google Home et Spotify

Ok Google, give me the program of my day.

Google Home can set your appointments, traffic on your destinations. You can also set alarms, start a timer or complete your shopping list by adding a product to buy.

Google Home

Ok Google, put House of Cards on Netflix on the room TV.

Google Home can also launch your favorite programs on your video services. If you have the Chromecast, you can also watch your movies and series by asking Google Home.

Google Home et Netflix

Ok Google, increases the temperature.

If you have a connected thermostat (like Nest on the picture below), you can set the temperature to your convenience in a simple voice command.

Google Home et Nest

The 5 points to remember:

  • Remote Speech Recognition: Say “Ok Google” and the built-in mics are ready to receive your search queries and questions
  • Multiroom functionality: If you have more than one Google Home, you can play the same music in several rooms of the house
  • Customizable bases: 3 colors available (black, gray and copper)
  • Touch commands: The top of Google Home is tactile for you to settle to facilitate control
  • Hi-Fi speaker: High-fidelity sound thanks to the large excursion speaker

Google will be the first company to launch in France a personal assistant. The Amazon Echo (US $ 179) and Apple Homepod (US $ 349) have not yet been announced in France.

With a sales price announced at 149 €, the Californian firm wants to democratize the intelligent speakers equipped with an artificial intelligence.

Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

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