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Take the time to inhale. Take the time to exhale.

If you’ve already been told, you may be a person “a bit” too active, at the risk of putting aside your energy and health. To be in shape, to avoid exhaustion at the wrong time of the day, to give everything … one thing is sure, we know what to do to be full of vitality, but we must know how breathe.

Knowing how to breathe during the day is not obvious. That’s why you should focus on what gives you energy, the power to recover, you can guess it, sleep is key.

Biggy Tech presents you your “sleep” coach settled on your bedside table: say good night to GoodVibes

GoodVibes “helps you breathe” to fall asleep in just 3 minutes.

  • “You have a hard time to clear your mind? “

An annoyance in our day or a negative thought once in bed? Failing to relax after a long day can prevent the person from falling asleep. Counting the stars will be useless in this case. Learning to disconnect for better recovery is the key.

The French company Holi has a solution. Entrust your sleep to GoodVibes, it will show you the way to relaxation and sleep.

  • The 4 effects to have a “healthy mind in a healthy body”:

The effects of GoodVibes on your body are:

4 benefits on the body


1. Your mind is relaxing

2. Your heart rate slows down

3. Your muscles are relaxed

4. You slip to sleep

  • How to take advantage of it?

Don’t you know method 4-7-8 yet?

It is a method that comes from the research of Dr. Andrew Weil, famous Harvard professor, the world reference on alternative medicine.

It is inspired by pranayama yoga (breathing yoga) which helps us to take full consciousness of our breath to control it and helps our body to relax.

Only a few minutes to divide by 5 the rhythm of your breath, to lower the heart rate and specially to activate the parasympathetic nervous system: active during the night allows you to fall asleep in the best condition.

The operation of GoodVibes is therefore based on this scientifically proven method:

How GoodVibes work

The image sums up the operation quite well. Simply synchronize your breathing with the halos of light by realizing the corresponding actions (breath-hold breath-expiration). You can now take advantage of a flash sleepiness while reconnecting with the virtues of sleep.

  • To conclude?

Based on a natural and scientifically proven method, holi seems to have found the solution to the path of sleep. Discreet, sober, but above all effective, GoodVibes brings good waves at the right time.

Breathe, blow, sleep.

To fall asleep in 3 minutes only:

GoodVibes interests me

holi et GoodVibes

Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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