Furbo, play with your dog remotely

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Having a dog is great, we take care of it, we admire its growth and we play with it. Taking care of a dog can empower us (for a child) or even make us think that life is a game (for an adult). Despite this, taking care of a dog requires patience, time and especially availability.

If you have a job, that effects your time with your little companion, you have to find a solution. Calling a loved one or a “dog sitter” is either too expensive or difficult to co-ordinate availability with.

To keep an eye on your dog, why not do it yourself, as if you were at home, thanks to advances in technology?

Today, Biggy Tech presents Furbo, a camera that monitors your dog, with which you can feed him treats.

Lancer des croquettes à distance

Furbo, under your guidance can educate and feed your dog (under certain conditions)

Nothing will replace the bond between a man and his dog. Nevertheless, this “connected approach” is a way to look after the well-being of man’s best friend.

Furbo is not just a surveillance camera in the classic sense. The company behind this connected object designed it to monitor your dog but also educate him by reinforcing good habits and reassuring him when you are absent. For example, Furbo can trigger a blue light that stimulates your dog’s optical receivers. The dog will also hear a clicking sound coming from the device, like the clicking device of a professional trainer.

The team behind Furbo consulted professionals and researchers to integrate efficiently with attributes they wanted to include. Basically, you can hear them and they will be able to hear your voice: you can praise them, all with a voice they will recognize. You can also see them with the HD camera, which continuously films the environment in which you placed the Furbo. Taking of photos and videos is possible even at night thanks to the night vision function. When they are near the camera, you can send them kibbles (it goes without saying that they must be inserted into the tank of the device). Last but not least, you receive an alert when your dog barks. If the barking is unusual, you may be alerted that your dog is responding to an unexpected situation.

If you are in love with your dog, you must give it the love it deserves. This love (virtual and remote) can be achieved through Furbo, your personal dog sitter.


Maxime Girres

CEO | Biggy Tech

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