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Eugene, its mission is to help you sort your garbage

We all produce waste on a daily basis. Whether eating outside or cooking at home, the consequence is the same: papers and packaging to put in the trash.

Outside, we have different colored waste bins available to put “the right waste in the right place”. At home, it’s less obvious. We may have already adopted good practices (“Sorting is a reflex for me”) or we want, but do not always know how to do (“What trash do I have to throw away this packaging?”)

Cooking at home generates an impressive (and underestimated) amount of waste, so it is important to sort our waste efficiently to significantly reduce our ecological impact on the planet.

Biggy Tech presents Eugene *, the connected trash that helps you to sort your waste in the heart of the house: the kitchen!

* The name is not chosen at random, Eugène Poubelle was a prefect of the Seine in the 19th century: he obliged building owners to place containers (garbage cans, poubelle in French) for tenants so that they could throw away their household waste.

Eugene is accomodating, he tells us which trash to use by a simple scan …

  • « I scan, so I sort »

The concept is very simple and holds in only 2 steps:

  1. I scan my product (via the barcode reader)
  2. I throw it (Eugene tells me where).

Limits ? If I have a fresh product, without packaging (eg peelings), I can not scan it. But anyway, the question does not really exist, it’s direction the gray or brown trash for my orange peelings.

  • « My consumption at hand »

When a product is scanned, it is automatically added to your consumption history, visible on the application for smartphone. To do what? To see the result of your efforts, your environmental performance through simple and schematic indicators.



What is smart about Eugene is that he does not just tell us where to put our garbage but he also shows us that our efforts have a positive impact on the planet, and that drives us to continue.







  • « My shopping in few clicks »

The presence of consumption history allows you to buy back the products you want. Simply click on these products to buy from your favorite retailer (purchase online, home delivery) or add them to your shopping list in-store.

L'application Eugène

“I scan, so I sort”, that is the motto of this trash connected for the kitchen. In addition to enjoying design, Eugene is “THE person” who facilitates the sorting of your waste. Its approach is complete, it helps you to: sort, throw and to supply you. No more excuses to get in or continue sorting waste! It’s up to you to sort out!

Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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