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To all creatives, this article is dedicated to you.

If you are a designer, an architect, a stylist or simply a Photoshop user, we have found an innovative solution to release the creative barriers between reality and digital.

Biggy Tech presents you Cube, a simple, unlimited creation tool.

Cube captures the colors of your everyday life to use in your artistic projects.

  • Le concept is simple:

Cube is a portable color scanner.

Let’s take a situation of everyday life. You are strolling down the street to go shopping. Suddenly on your way, your eye is attracted by the original blue of a house door. You would like to use it for one of your projects.

Cube de Palette

Cube is taking action at this precise moment.

You place the device on the door, press the button and the color is saved! You now have the correspondence in digital by getting the color code of the door.


  • How to take advantage of it?

The color of a door can be captured by Cube on any surface.

An interesting color?
Place Cube and press the button to save it.

The color is then reusable in Photoshop and other creative software in different color modes: RGB, CMYK, HEX and LAB.

Cube et Photoshop

Cube connects perfectly to Photoshop with Cube Link, importing and combining colors with more than 7,500 digital color profiles, including Pantone.


  • What is the purpose of the dedicated application?

The Cube Companion application allows you to share the saved colors to your creative team.

The function “Visualization” gives you the power to apply the color of your choice on a scene (eg: this shade of blue for the color of the wall of the room).

Capturer les couleurs avec Cube

Cube is available on the store:

L'objet pour les créatifs Cube


Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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