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AirPatrol – WiFi, control temperature with your smartphone

Who has ever had the unpleasant sensation of coming home saying “It’s cold” or “It’s a little too hot”? A lot of us, I’m sure.

To solve this problem, our best ally remains the smartphone …

The Biggy Team has found a solution that can help you get the right temperature when you come back home from a busy day of work.

Biggy Tech introduces AirPatrol – Wifi, the temperature sensor that saves money while gaining in comfort of living!


AirPatrol – Wifi gives you the power to control your air conditioner or your heat pump with your smartphone (and remote)

  • What can this solution bring me?

AirPatrol – Wifi makes intelligent my air conditioner and my heat pump.

Benefits :

– I save my money (if I am away or no one is at home, I turn off the heating / air conditioning).

– I increase my comfort on a daily basis (I arrive at home with the right temperature, whether it is cold or hot outside)

– I stay informed (AirPatrol – Wifi gives me the conditions of humidity and the temperature of a room and warns me if it is too cold, or too hot)

Le boîtier

  • How does AirPatrol – WiFi work?

As the name suggests, AirPatrol – WiFi connects to your home network. So your smartphone is connected to the case to control the temperature. Easy to install, here are the steps to take advantage of the “remote control” temperature:

  1. I connect the housing network to my air conditioning system or heat pump
  2. I configure the installation with the application (4 short steps)
  3. I now take advantage of my new intelligent system!

AirPatrol - WiFi

  • Functions and modes :

Above all, you can control the functions and modes via the dedicated application (available on iOS and Android).

Then, you can choose different modes according to the life in the house (holidays, great cold …): Dry / Cool / Heat / Auto / Low heat

Concerning the fan setting, you can choose between: Auto / Minimum / Normal / Maximum

One last thing, AirPatrol – WiFi does not collect any personal data during the use of the product.

Saving energy is a priority for our environment and we know that is also a priority for you. With AirPatrol – WiFi that makes your current equipment intelligent, you save on your annual heating bill while preserving the planet for optimal comfort!

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Cyrille Taczynski

Cyrille Taczynski

CMO | Biggy Tech

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